After the Abkhazian-Georgian conflict of 1992-1993, this small rebuplic situated on the shore of Black Sea has been struggling to become free and independent. And only in 2008 president of Russia Dmitryy Medvedev signs a decree recognizing independence of Apsny. However, the main part of world community doesn't support this decision. Ex-part of Georgia comes under protection of Russia Federation.

According to population census (2011), there are about 240,000 people living in the country, and only half of this number are Abkhazians. Most of Georgians left, but there are some who fighted with Abkhazians for the independence. They still live in there. Those who moved left their houses and flats haunted and destroyed.

After 2000, tourism business started to recover and now it is the main item of the budget. Industry was ruined and it hasn't recovered. Most of the population run small shops, cafes, rent apartments for tourists and grow fruit and vegetables.

Although this nation was badly damaged during war, Abkhazian people still stay very proud of their land. They try to live by local laws and customs. They face changes and struggle for a new better life. (Abkhazia, 2009-2012)

© alexander aksakov