After the Ukranian Revolution and annexation of Crimea by Russia, protests against so called 'Kiev hunta' started in Lugansk and Donetsk.

People wanted federalization or, as most of them told journalists, more likely they wanted the regions of Donbass and Lugansk to join Russia. Protests first led to clashes with local police and pro-Ukranian actvists.

Repeating the Crimean story, officials of so called People Republic ofr Donetsk and Lugansk decided to hold a referendum on secession from Ukraine.

The new Ukranian government for unknown reasons didn't take any steps to stop separatist tendencies, and a referendum was held. Official results of the referendum was not recognised by any world government, although Russia expressed respect for the results.

On the background, more and more people joined the armed forces of non-recognised republics, forming local militias. The militias called Ukranian army fascists, and their aim was to resist if they were invaded. Russian TV propaganda played a major role in forming militia battalions, as well as in attracting Russian "volunteers" to join DPR and LPR resistance.

On the other hand, Ukranian patriots formed their battalions (on the territories of DPR and LPR) to protect the country's unity.

Pictures below show the threshold of war which is still going on in the Eastern Ukraine. (Eastern Ukraine, 2014)

© alexander aksakov