Letters to Russia


Yuri Marachev is a hereditary postman. His father worked as a postman for 20 years, and after he retired, Yuri started delivering mail from village Beglovo to village Sevastianovo (Vologda Region, Russia). He and his brother Vladimir still live in their parents' house in the middle of a field.

His route is 15 km long to the post office and 15 km back. For 25 years he had been delivering pensions and newspapers to the locals: at first on a horse, and when the horse became old, on his foot. There's no electicity or phones in Beglovo, and the village is hardly reachable, because the dirt road is in an awful condition. So, Yuri is the only link with the outside world for 10 pensioners who still live in Beglovo. (Vologda Region, Russia, 2013)

© alexander aksakov